• about the developer

    G. Shawn Minden, owner of G. Minden Holdings Ltd., has a passion for real estate and making things happen.

    G. Shawn Minden's background includes the development of multi-family dwellings and is proud to have the opportunity to assist in the revitalization of this vibrant neighbourhood in our city's core with his new project The Corktowns. Pictured are G. Shawn Minden and George H. Ross, Trump Organization, New York City. George is a mentor to G. Shawn Minden. G. Shawn Minden is proud to have had worked with the Billie and George Ross Foundation Inc. in New York City (view reference letter here).

    the team

  • Every city in the world has neighborhoods¬† in decline. Some may view these neighborhoods as hopeless; we look at them as extraordinary opportunities. G. Minden Holdings Ltd has been driven to restore urban neighborhoods, ignite street life and create thriving neighborhood destinations, building Urban infill¬†developments.
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