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    Press Reader - Everything's Coming Up Condos

    Hamilton Spectator - The Condominium Conundrum

    Hamilton Spectator - Former musician bringing a little bit of Brooklyn to Corktown

    Toronto Star - Toronto and Hamilton switch prince-and-pauper roles

    In 2005, when Bratina moved back into the then grungy downtown neighbourhood of Corktown, it was known locally as Cracktown. Friends thought he was mad. Now it's a neighbourhood many can't afford. "Downtown is the face of the city," Bratina argues. "If you don't have a viable downtown, you don't have a city."

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    Raise The Hammer - George H. Ross speaks on the development potential of Hamilton, Ontario

    Canadian Real Estate Magazine, January 2012

    Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, Investor: Time to widen your lending pool

  • Every city in the world has neighborhoods¬† in decline. Some may view these neighborhoods as hopeless; we look at them as extraordinary opportunities. G. Minden Holdings Ltd has been driven to restore urban neighborhoods, ignite street life and create thriving neighborhood destinations, building Urban infill¬†developments.
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