• Architect: Michael D. Allen

    Allen & Chui Architects inc. is an award winning LEED accredited architectural, planning, project management and interior design firm.

    We are a mid-size architectural practice with offices in Toronto and St. Catharines. We are able to serve a wide range of clients and an equally diverse range of project types in a highly collaborative environment. The firm of Michael D. Allen Architects Inc. has been in architectural practice in the greater Niagara Region and throughout Ontario for over 20 years. In 2005, David Chui joined Michael D. Allen Architects Inc. to form a new partnership known as allen & chui architects inc. This new incorporation strives to further enhance the innovative approach and services offered by the original practice. In 2008, Kenneth J. Kruck became an associate architect and partner, anchoring the office management and furthering the design capabilities of the practice.

    With ongoing projects in a highly sustainable residential complex in Saskatoon, high rise residential condominium perched on Brockville's waterfront bedrock, state of the art winery and culinary centre in Niagara-on-the-Lake to infinity pool vacation villas in St. Lucia we look forward to our next inspiring project with our clients, our design team and our engineering partners.


  • Every city in the world has neighborhoods¬† in decline. Some may view these neighborhoods as hopeless; we look at them as extraordinary opportunities. G. Minden Holdings Ltd has been driven to restore urban neighborhoods, ignite street life and create thriving neighborhood destinations, building Urban infill¬†developments.
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